Dive: Explore and Optimise your Container Images


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The Dive Tool

Dive is a tool for exploring and optimising your OCI container images (works with Docker too).

The tool will, layer by layer, analyse a given image and provide a report of where the space is used and thus potentially what you could remove to make it smaller.

Shrinking images has many advantages:

  • Faster build times
  • Faster download and startup times
  • Lower storage cost
  • Potentially a more secure image (anything not in the image is one less thing that can be become vulnerable and hacked)


Dive can also be executed in ci mode whereby you provide some acceptable thresholds and the result will be a failure if those numbers aren’t met. In this way, you can use Dive as a basic quality gate in your build process to prevent large images from creeping into production.

Dive Hands On

If this sounds good, go and get hands-on with Dive in your browser with nothing to install - then check out the official repository.

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