Hands on with NATS in under 4 minutes: Video Summary


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NATS: A CNCF Incubating Project

NATS is a cloud native Computing Foundation (or CNCF incubating project). An incubating project is the middle of three tiers (sandbox, incubating and graduated).

Incubating projects have a an established security protocol, commits or contributions from a variety of people and not just one person, project or company. All of that means that NATS (or incubating projects in general) should have a fairly stable life and should not just dissapear overnight - meaning they should be safe to adopt.

What is NATS?

NATS describes itself as message oriented middleware. Two computer systems (A & B) need to send data to one another.

Nat sits in the middle and enables that communication it does so based on subjects.

A “publisher” will publish a message to a particular subject and then one or more systems can listen to that subject and receive all data destined for them.

NATS Hands On

During the NATS hands-on exercise, NATS will be installed on a Kubernetes cluster.

You will then publish a message to a test subject and another consumer will listen for messages on that test subject. You will then create two new subjects: names.dog and names.cat and publish a message on names.dog to show that none of the other consumers receive that message there’s only one person receiving that message.

New Project Each Week

Each week in 2023 I will pick a new open source project to review. The entire list is here.

The series is designed to be interactive - if you have a project you’d like me to review - please do get in contact and suggest a project!

I hope you enjoy the NATS project!